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The streams of imagination overflow with silver ink. It's your job to bring to life whatever swims within that stream.

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cielphantonnhive asked: Hello! C: I wanna add you to my homestuck family thingie that's on my blog hehe, who would you like to be? C:

2ollux plea2e :)

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Crystal Guardians

Shameless Self Promotion!

Somewhere out in the Adirondacks lay a secret underground city, and in those streets a race of humans; the Rhaso. My name is Roza, a seventeen year old girl who’s training to become a guardian, who’s supposed to protect the Rhaso at the cost of my own life. Without second thoughts, because it’s “tradition”. There’s more to life than that, but by law I need to mindlessly obey. And if I didn’t, it would be at the cost of my friend Asylum’s life, ‘cause this isn’t my story. It’s hers.

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